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Thursday, March 16, 2006

To do lists.

In the Farisian style, I have decided to post a to-do list for the coming days. I don't expect this to become something regular, but I thought I would try it since it seems to work for Mr. Faris. At least he occasionally gets something done, unlike myself.

Thursday, March 16th
1. Finish lesson plans
2. Start translation from Le Monde Diplomatique for Mon.
3. Pay student loans.
4. Call Cycle America and see if they want to hire me.
5. Sketch out next issue of This Plane is Definitely Crashing
6. Finish article for Life in Every Word on Dadaism and start article on Eyeless in Gaza
7. Decide where to go on vacation in April/May and start finding tickets.

Friday the 17th
1. Get up early and ride in the forest
2. Work on article translation
3. Buy candy for Premiere at noon
4. Teach
5. Finish Eyeless in Gaza article and begin Travesties article.
6. Enjoy a night of carousing for St. Patrick's Day

Saturday the 18th
1. Go to class and teach if students are not on strike and school is not blocked (Yes, this is entirely possible).
2. Start writing This Plane is Definitely Crashing
3. Finish article on Travesties and start on Galileo
4. Finish article translation for Monday.
5. Pick up International Herald Tribune at the train station.
6. Email some friends
7. Go see Les Terribles at the beach.

Sunday the 19th
1. Get up and ride with Jean if weather is good
2. Adjust deraileur on bike
3. Finish IHT
4. Finish rough draft of This Plane is Definitely Crashing
5. Finish and touch up all articles for Life in Every Word


Blogger Michael Faris said...

Dude, You Rock, and I'm on the phone with you! Right now!

3/16/2006 10:38:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Salut Nick, comment ca va? Oh la France me manque... you lucky sob. :-)


3/17/2006 01:09:00 AM


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