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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Teetotalling and Huxley

I've been trying to think of a way to concisely sum up the last week or so. Teetotalling and Huxley sounds about right. I don't drink in the month of January, and it's almost half over! Grandpa Jerry must be proud...I finished Huxley's "Eyless in Gaza" yesterday, and loved it. I think I might do a book review 'zine, since I like writing book reviews and, well, I have to have something to fill my time here...
Other than that, I've been going to a lot of movies at this cool little theater called "Le Studio" here in Le Havre. The other night I saw the wonderfully fucked up "Blue Velvet", and last night went to a couple of films they are showing by a Le Havre director. They were from the late 60's, and were his first films. One of them was set in my Lycée, and it was interesting to see how much it has changed in thirty years. There was a scene at a party full of 60's French youth, and their clothes and they way they danced were hilarious. The sound quality was crap so Jon and I couldn't hear a word they were saying, but it really wasn't to important. They're showing 12 more of his films there, so we might go to a couple more. It will be interesting to see how a director progresses from 50min films about high school life to other, more broad topics, over the course of his life. He was there, last night, too, but there was some film critic asshole that looked like a ferret and kept answering the questions people in the audience were asking the director. Jon and I were really pissed off at him, mainly because he pretended like he knew everything about the films created by a person that was standing RIGHT NEXT TO HIM, and could answer things much better. I hate that. When people act like they know more about another person's creation, life, etc. when they honestly have no clue, and bandy about this information as if it's something they discovered on their own.


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