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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Yay, Pictures!!!

So, here are some pictures of my friends, my trip to Provence and other adventures. I might try to get a photo album together somewheres or a gallery or something. Maybe on the prestigious

Here's one of almost all of my assistant friends. From left to right, it's: Nora, Mirja, Geri, Lucy, Arthur, Sadie Anne, Meg, and Jon the Limey. This was before I arrived at a party where I got drunk with Jon, and Anne got really, really drunk and made an ass out of herself by trying to do an English accent all night.

This is my best friend in Le Havre, Jon. He comes from England and I make fun of his accent all of the time. We play video games and drink a lot together. He's gone for two weeks, which makes me sad because now I have to hang out with only girls with nobody to save me. Mon dieu!

This is from when we made mulled wine (vin chaud) at my house. Mirja, centered in the picture, is the one that made it. Meg is sitting in the background and in the close foreground is Samah, the assistant from Yemen.

"What is this product?", you must be asking. Well, I saw this sign in Aix-en-Provence and had to take a picture. It was at a little shack that sold french fries and pizza and such. Pussy is supposed to be like a Mr. Freeze or Icee, but the name is much, much better. It comes in two sizes: small and jumbo.

This is a bicycle I saw in Avignon. I just thought it was cool, colorful, and very typically French.

I went swimming in the salty, salty Mediterranean sea in Cassis. I got rocks and sand all up in my pants and pockets and had to take the bus back to Aix with a wet ass, but it was worth it.

We were walking along the promenade in Nice and this was on the wall. It's a tile mosaic of a mushroom (1up!!) from Mario Bros. There were no signs or anything else accompanying it. It was just there next to a beach in the south of France. Make up a story.

This is Anne all gussied up for her birthday. She's my travelling buddy and a very good friend.

Ok, the last one, I swear. This is the Arena in Nîmes from Roman times. It's just there, and you can go inside it and they hold events and stuff still. It's called "Les Arênes" in French. Anne and I went up to the top and you could see all of Nîmes from there.


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